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Application of Advertising Tissue among different industries

Application of Advertising Tissue among different industries
Posted by Useful Industrial Limited on 27-03-2018

Advertising tissue is widely used by different industries. There are different reasons to use advertising tissue to promote among different industries. Let’s explore some of the reasons.

1. Pharmacy
Advertising tissue can reach Pharmacy’s target customers precisely. People will use lots of tissues to wipe their noses when they had a bad cold. Those people are the potential customers of pharmacy. Therefore, pharmacy is one of the biggest advertisers to use free tissue as promotion.

2. Spa & Beauty
Spa & beauty retailers consume lots of tissue during their treatment. For example, clean the face after a facial treatment. Printing brand name on tissue box can strengthen brand identity, increase brand royalty of customer. Word of mouth and referral is very important in Spa & Beauty industry. Pocket tissue freebie can also act as good referral tools while old customer can refer a potential customer by simply show the brand name and address printed on the tissue pack.

3. On-line sales platform
On-line shop and on-line sales platform require customers go to their website frequently for shopping to maintain their business. A pocket tissue is mobile and free to compose promotional message, which is a good tools to promote different sales activities.

4. Hotel
Similar to Spa & beauty industry. Hotel needs to strengthen their brand image in order to make customers return and get new potential customer by referral. 

5. Airline
Tissue and wet wipes are often consumed by Airlines. With the logo printing product, it could strength brand identity and corporate image.

6. Banking, Insurance and mobile phone service provider
The competition in bank and insurance industry is very keen. There is always new product plans to attractive customers for investment. Therefore, a trustful image and appropriate platform to promote new product plans are vital. Advertising Box and wallet tissue pack can serves the purposes of increasing brand recognition and provide a good platform to advertise.

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