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Cost Efficient Promotional tool : 9 Benefits of Advertising Tissue

2018-03-22 15:35:29
Cost Efficient Promotional tool
9 Benefits of Advertising Tissue
Posted by Useful Industrial Limited on 22-03-2018

Tissue-pack marketing is first developed in Japan in late 1960s. Now Tissue-pack marketing is spread all over the world. Let’s see what the benefits that make advertising tissue popular are. 

1. High acceptance rate
Traditional marketing method like flyers, leaflets and brochures are not often accepted by the consumer. Even the flyer had successfully gotten into consumer’s hands, they are simply discarded it without reading. However, for tissue pack giveaways, most people tend to accept it. The reason is obvious – Tissue is useful and needed by most consumers.

2. Long exposure time
A standard pocket tissue usually consists of 8-10 pieces of tissue paper; a promotional box tissue even carries more from 50 – 100 pieces per box. It means your brand or advertising message could keep in consumer’s eyes repeatedly until all tissue papers are consumed. It takes weeks to months to consume. This is an excellent way to maximize brand exposure.

3. Wide circulation and exposures

What if your carless friend spills a coffee and has nothing to wipe his hands? Most of the case people will pass them a pack of tissue and say “Keep it”, especially when you have a free tissue received from the street. As many ways as you could imagine, the advertising tissue is passed to different people other than the receiver. The circulation of tissue pack gives multiple exposures to maximize your brand identity.  

4. Cost efficient
Tissue pack is inexpensive comparing with many of the advertising tools and media platforms. With high acceptance rate, long exposure time and wide circulation, tissue pack advertising is definitely cost efficient to make a successful advertising program, and maximize ROI and brand exposure.

5. Excellent adaption with on-line promotion
Free tissue printed with QR code is usually applies on free tissue pack advertising. The application of QR code in China market is huge. With a scan of QR code on cell phone, it can link customer to a discount page or website, and even trigger to ‘buy now’ function with some popular mobile phone app like wechat. This powerful promotional tool can simply apply while printing your QR code on the packaging of free tissue.   

6. Easy to distribute
Not only limit to distribute on street, free tissue can also be distributed in gas station, sales counter, reception, restaurants, convenience stores and etc. The distribution is completely flexible and convenient.

7. Versatility
The application of free tissue is versatile. It is good for sales promotion and promote different activities, as well as use as brand building. For examples to print the location on tissue pack to attract people to visit a carnival, print website or QR code to attract people to visit your new website, or simply print a logo and distribute in a trade show to strength brand indentify. Advertising tissue supports different needs of advertiser.  

8. Allow creative idea

Creative and smart ideas can always raise interest of consumer and create noise, and most important is to make people remember your brand. The shape of advertising box tissue is not only limited to rectangular shape or cube shape. Special boxes like hexagonal box, pyramidal box, heart-shape box or even lip-shape box are used as promotional box tissue. Printing on the tissue paper is available. This gives a lot of flexibility for smart advertisers to create a brilliant advertising program. 

9. Short production time
With full automatically packing machine, produce 100,000 packs of pocket tissue only takes few weeks, which give extra benefits for ad-hoc events.

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