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5 Tips to pick the right promotional product

5 Tips to pick the right promotional product
Posted by Useful Industrial Limited on 17-04-2018

1. Useful Item = Maximum Exposure
A useful and day-to-day item is always a good choice of promotional products. For examples, offer a box tissue of 100 sheets with your logo and address printed on it, people read your message at least 100 times! 

2. The Receiver
“Who are the receivers?”- this is an important question to think about before picking a promotional product. Are they your final consumers or your clients? Are your receivers female or male? What are their behaviors and preferences? Understand the natures of receivers will help to choose an appropriate promotional product.

3. Size of Event
If the size of event is big and there is a huge amount of attendants. A low cost promotional product which is suitable for everyone may be applied this time. For example, choose pocket tissue packs for a trade show or carnival promotional will be good. 

4. Cost
Budget is always a realistic point to plan for a promotion gift. However, a professional promotional product supplier shall advise you the most cost-efficient promotional products to fit your budget. 

5. Trend and Life Style
What make people most likely you use your promotional products so that you have a chance to exposure your brand? The answer is to follow today’s trend. For examples, people nowadays have higher concern on hygienic levels to keep them away from sickness and stay healthy. People are busy and tend to choose convenient products. Using mobile phone had become an important part of people’s daily life. A promotional product that fits today’s trend IS more likely to be successful! 

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